Saturday, June 25, 2011

From Serenader to Serenadee

Every night at bedtime, the last thing we do is sing a song. "Baby Mine," "Twinkle" and one of our new favorites... "You Are My Sunshine."
Recently, Lily has begun singing these songs (and many others) along with us. This makes the calming down idea of this routine a little mute, but she enjoy it so much! Who am I to make her stop?
Yesterday morning, she turned the tables on me a little bit...
Before leaving for work, I was enjoying some snuggle time with my bean when she reached over, placed her hand on my cheek and started to sing, "My only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey. You'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away."
First of all, I realize that the first line of the song is missing. For some reason, she has edited this line out of the song.
Secondly, no... she didn't say ALL of those words, but since I am currently fluent in toddler-ese, I heard every word.
The whole thing truly boggles my mind. Our children learn so much from us every single day- speech, laughter, songs... then one day (much earlier than you'd like to think) they start teaching us.
I am lucky to be an educator. I am lucky to have so many talented students. But above all, I am lucky to be the student of such a lovely little girl.


  1. I always hated the first line of that song...

    JK. As the auntie with no children of my own other than the 200 chorus students I have at school, I am also learning a great deal. Lily has been matching pitch since she was I think 6 mo old and using every aspect of her voice. She has a range that would make most professional singers green with envy. And she doesn't think about... I think we can attribute this to the sounds that she has been exposed to, and the freedom to use these voices and explore sounds without being hushed and told to be quiet every second. She is not afraid of her voice. I hope we can help her stay that way and I'd like to think that there is more we can do for our youngest singers in the pre-school and elementary grades to help keep these gates open or even re-open those that may already be shut down.

    Sorry Lily, I bet you didn't know you were becoming my future master's thesis... :)

  2. Sorry there's a typo-2nd P, 5th line, "And she doesn't think about IT" :)